7 Effective styles for Creating Your Own Outdoor with Balcony Garden Designs

Before planting your balcony garden, consider the light conditions and exposure it receives, as these factors will determine the suitable plant varieties. Shaded areas are ideal for lush green plants like ferns and hostas, while sun-drenched spots are perfect for vibrant Mediterranean species.

Regardless of the balcony’s size, it can serve multiple purposes. If space permits, it can function as an outdoor dining area or provide a cozy spot for entertaining guests. Contemporary apartments typically complement teak and all-weather stainless-steel furniture, while timeless elegance can be achieved with decorative ornate iron designs.

Don’t overlook the opportunity to design your balcony for both extended evenings and sunlit days. Explore our array of garden lighting ideas for inspiration. Discover our garden balcony ideas and transform your micro-space into a petite yet exquisitely crafted oasis.

  1. Inject vibrancy into your balcony with a bold infusion of color

Image credit: Future Plc David Brittain

Elevate your outdoor space this spring with vibrant outdoor rugs, cushions, and paper flower garlands. Whether fresh or faux, floral arrangements in vases and vessels are guaranteed to bring joy to your surroundings. For an enduring burst of color, opt for easy-to-grow geraniums, perfect for adorning hanging baskets, planters, or repurposed watering cans throughout your balcony.

2. Arrange plants on a vertical ladder shelf

Image credit: Garden Trading

To optimize limited balcony space, consider using a ladder shelf to display a variety of potted plants, such as grasses, ivies, and herbs like basil, mint, rosemary, and thyme. Mount the shelf securely to the wall to withstand all weather conditions, and consider painting it black to create a striking backdrop for your plants.

3. Enhance Your Dining Area with Integrated Planters

Image credit: Dobbies Garden Centres

Maximize your balcony garden with this multifunctional dining table and planter. This space-saving solution offers seating for two while featuring a raised trough at the back, perfect for growing herbs, flowers, or grasses. Additionally, the trough can be filled with ice to keep drinks cool during outdoor gatherings. In colder months, bring the set indoors to transform it into a versatile WFH desk with ample space for your stationery and paperwork.

4. Arrange the plants at varying heights

Image credit: Ikea

Consider creating varying levels for your balcony plants to achieve a lush and jungle-like atmosphere. Elevated planters are ideal for this purpose, while placing plants on side tables, stools, benches, and shelves can also contribute to a verdant ambiance. Utilizing planters that can be hung from the balcony railing will enhance the exterior appearance of your space. Opting for matching planters for a cohesive look will enable you to easily rearrange your plants with the changing seasons.

5. Simplify for a Spacious Feel

Image credit: Future Plc Emma Lewis

Keep the decor simple to avoid overwhelming the small space. This balcony garden serves as a versatile living space throughout the year. With a table and chairs for dining and relaxation, and a few potted plants, it creates an urban garden ambiance.

The whitewashed walls and potted olive tree bring a Mediterranean feel to this compact city terrace.

  1. Draw Inspiration from Your Travels

Image credit: lovethegarden

Whether you find peace through meditation, seek to reminisce about past adventures in distant lands, or yearn for your next journey, you can transform your balcony garden to transport you anywhere in the world. By incorporating select design elements, the appropriate accessories, and, naturally, the right plants, you can conjure up the ambiance of Southeast Asia, South America, India, or any other locale your imagination leads you to. This vibrant and diverse space is influenced by global travel and captures the vibrancy and hues of a genuine tropical getaway. The key to achieving this aesthetic and crafting this garden-like escape is the strategic use of color – and plenty of it. Consider terracotta pots, lively splashes of color on your soft furnishings (the more, the merrier), and white lanterns to bring your vision to life.

  1. Illuminate Your Deck

Ensure that your balcony garden is fully functional by incorporating a lighting solution to extend its usability into the evening. Opting for solar-powered lighting eliminates the need for an outdoor power supply, making it a practical choice. With outdoor lighting in place, your balcony garden can be enjoyed at any time of the day and during all seasons.

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